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I want you to know and understand that You are deeply loved by God. You have at least 2 friends. God loves you and I do too. I love you. My name is Bruce. Remember that, when you feel unloved and want to give up on life. It doesn't matter what you have done, what you have been through. GOD truly LOVES YOU more than anyone could ever love you AND SO WILL I AS THE LORD ENABLES ME. He will help you to overcome your problems because you have turned to Him. PEACE TO YOU IN CHRIST. YOU HAVE A DESTINY AND A FUTURE OF BLESSING AHEAD FOR YOU AS YOU yield and follow the LORD. PLEASE CONTACT ME AND YOU WILL HAVE SOMEONE WILLING TO be your friend and LISTEN TO YOU AND CARE FOR YOU. MORE LATER TO ENCOURAGE YOU. PEACE IN CHRIST. READ PSALM 139. Read the whole chapter for it will lift you up and give you understanding concerning what you are going through. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE DEEPLY LOVED, EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY NOT FEEL LOVED. FIRST KNOW THAT GOD LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU EVER KNOW. HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON TO DIE IN YOUR PLACE BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU THAT MUCH. Who else would die for you? Can you name them? You are able to love yourself with that love and able to love others with His love. 2. I BRUCE, am a tanggable peron on earth who LOVES YOU also. IF YOU NEED A FRIEND TO TALK TO, TO BE WITH, OR SOMEONE TO PRAY OR COUNSEL WITH I WILL SEEK TO EARN YOUR TRUST AND BE WILLING TO BE YOUR FRIEND as the Lord enables me; I will love and pray with you and for you till you can go forward again. Don't give up on yourself or God. WE NEED IN THE world PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO LOVE and Honor each other. THE CHURCH, MANY TIMES IS DEVOID OF LOVE.The church should be a place where people are loved. If you are a leader of a church, Cultivate a healthy loving community for people to grow in Christ. JESUS SAID BY THIS SHALL ALL MEN KNOW THAT YOU ARE MY DICSIPLES IF YOU HAVE LOVE ONE FOR ANOTHER.This is the test: Do you truly love one another the way Jesus tells us to? We must if we take on the name Christian ( follower of Christ) In this self centered world it is hard to find love; but love is the essence of Christianity. I BELIEVE THIS IS THE HEART OF CHRISTIANITY; THAT WE LEARN TO LOVE; FOR GOD IS LOVE AND THOSE WHO CLAIM TO LOVE GOD MUST LOVE THEIR BROTHER ALSO, PROVING THAT THEY LOVE GOD as followers of Jesus Christ. If we do not love, Jesus says that we are not His disciples. Let us not deceive ourselves but truly walk in love as Jesus commands us. This is a very sobering truth and has eternal consequences. There are times in our lives where we get hurt by people, whether it be friends, family or various relationships. We all need healing and restoration of the hurt in our lives at times. One key is forgiveness. When you forgive your hurter (the one who brought injury to you), God starts a healing process in you. He takes out the wound gently and soothes our pains and pours in healing balms whioh heals us and restores us ,like a physical wound one might get in your finger. The piece of wood is taken out carefully and genly, and ointment is added.Your wound is cleansed. Your wound is bandaged and the body kicks in and the physical wound is healed in time. The same in the spiritual part of your being,dealing with the heart. God is a healer of broken hearts. We must be as well. Be someone who brings healing to others and you may find yourself being healed as well. We must learn to love again. Love is necessary for healing and growth in ones life. What is real love? Read the next section and find out, friend.

We must understand what love is in order to do it. God is the author of love, so let us look to Him. He also is love. This is cool. He commands us to demonstrate Him to people.For He says of Himself that He is Love. His very character or being is made up of love. In other words, His very DNA structure is made up of love. His very being is love. What other god do you know that is like this. There is none. Only the true and living God can be this in His very core of Being. Take time to reflect and meditate on this truth that God is love and that He loves you. In I Corinthians 13, God says that: love is patient and kind. Love is not envious; not proud, but gentle and meek; seeks not its own way; love hopes and bears every wrong; love rejoices in what is right, and does not rejoice in what is wrong. love never gives up, and love always prevails.

The proof that we are Christ's disciples is that we have Gods love in us and for people. We all have to work on these areas. Let God love you and then love others with the same love that you have been loved by God. This may take a lifetime, but it will be well worth it. Be Blessed,friend.


Because of things I went through when I was younger, I developed a warped perception of myself. I had a self- hatred about myself that always seemed to put me down and depress me. On day in College, God spoke to me and said this to me: I do not create junk. You are a person of value, a person of worth, for I created you for My glory. You are fearfully and wonderfully made." He told me to open my closet, that had a full length mirror on the inside of the door, and say those words every morning for the next 6 (six) months. I did. When you look at the mirror, how do you honestly feel about yourself? This can be very revealing. Well, God knew it would take that long for me to absorb into my psyche, my spirit and down to the core of my being until I was restored in this damaged area of my life. What about you? Are there areas of your life that need work on? We are being transformed by the renewing of our minds, we are being changed from glory to glory, from faith to faith, from perception to perception so we can be used by God as effective people of honor. I had to overcome self hatred in my life and learn to love myself by learning about Gods love for me and keeping myself in that love and still need to remind myself sometimes of who I really am according to how God sees me. You too can overcome, don't give up on yourself. If you need someone to help you, don't feel ashamed to let me or someone who truly cares to help. We all have different problems, frustrations to overcome and by the grace of God, we shall overcome friend.
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