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THIS WILL BE A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN TRULY AND SINCERELY HELP YOU MOVE FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE AND DESTINY AS IT RELATES TO GODS PLAN FOR YOU AND YOUR PLACE IN GODS KINGDOM. CALL ME AT 1-877-393-9759 OR EMAIL ME AT: princeofpeacecounseling@live.com  I COUNT IT AN HONOR TO BE OF HELP; If extensive counseling is needed call me and let us set up meetings to help solve problems. BA in Psychology + Christian education as well.  The degrees are only to help those who feel degrees are important. I become all things to all men that I might win them  in Christ Jesus. I rely on God and  His Holy, Anointed Word and Spirit to help any and everyone as God leads. If you have relationship problems as I have had ,I could be of help to you. Confidentiality is respected and honored as well.  Has some event in your life seem to control your  flesh at times. Are you too ashamed to talk to anyone about it so you can be free. I 've been there. Let's talk and let the inner healing  take place. I truly care and you will find a true friend as well.  We all struggle with our fleshly lusts at times and God has much to say about overcoming problems of the past,present, and future.

If you feel led by God to help in this ministry as a counselor, please contact me .

Subjects of counseling:


 Finding Gods will for your life

Relationship Problems and what to do about them

Internet Pornography

Betrayal in relationships

Being a Christian and yet struggling with sins that you can't seem to overcome

How to get where God wants you to go in life

Understanding why you are on earth


How not to be deceived in this world

and many more subjects.

I want to leave you with this truth from Gods Word: For God has not given you a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.

Love in Christ, Bruce




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