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For Holy Ghost led Preaching Services Contact Bruce Wayne Cowan at: Kingdom of God Ministry 1-877-393-9759 EMAIL ME AT: HOLYSPIRITCOURAGE@HOTMAIL.COM Many subjects preached as God guides and empowers. We need the Truth as never before as Truth is being thrown down in the streets. Preach the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Call or email me with your prayer requests as we agree together, we will see God answer your requests Matt. 18:19 in Christian love, Bruce.
Preaching Services in the Power of God
Now is the Time for God to Act:
Now is the time for Truth and power from God to be given to the people. We are living in a time when Truth is being thrown down and men are doing their own agendas on the earth. We need bold Preachers to declare Gods Kingdom without fear or apology. Give strength to the people of God during these last days.

Preaching Services in the Power of God:
We must preach the Word of God in the power and demonstration of the Spirit of God. Repetition concerning the Word of God is necessary because the powers of evil pound like a drummer. May the attention given to living as a Christian be just as dedicatory to Gods Word even as the pounding of the waves of the ocean upon the shore. Never give up.


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